Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ultimate Error

Today is new book day. Today is also the release day, after MONTHS of delay, for Ultimates 2 #13. Not my shelves, unfortunately, but some shelves.

Diamond's box packers at the NY warehouse really need to learn to read. I've said before that I think they might be illiterate, and I'm saying it again today. Craig opened the first box and removed a large stack of Ultimate Spider-Man #109. It looked like nearly twice what we usually get. Once he counted them, it turned out that it was over double what we usually order of Ult. Spider-Man. As soon as he told me how many there were, I immediately knew we were sent MORE Ultimate Spider-Man comics INSTEAD of our order of Ultimates 2 #13. That turned out to be true. After we'd unpacked every single Diamond box there wasn't one single issue of Ultimates 2 #13, but plenty Ultimate Spider-Man #109 issues.

So, unfortunately due to illiteracy at Diamond, our customers will have to wait a couple more days to get Ultimates 2 #13. We called Diamond right away and told the guy who answered without hanging up (the first guy who answered hung up on Craig about two words into the conversation) that we HAD to have them emergency ship the Ultimates, so we should get them Friday afternoon. To make matters worse, our Diamond rep (he's been our rep since we opened the store) was promoted, and he started his new job on Monday, so we're without a regular Diamond rep. Craig had to call twice just to get someone on the phone over there.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa - I feel your pain on this, our rep was promoted too and then left the company a few months after that. I too think that basic math is a must, but again the higher ups at Diamond seem to have a different score card when it comes to the hiring at the warehouses?