Sunday, July 08, 2007

Seven Coolest Geeks on TV

Here I am, back at the store. I never thought "taking a break" would be working here instead of being at home. But we've been doing so much work to get our house ready for sale that it feels good to not be scrubbing, painting, nailing, moving, etc. We still haven't installed the new kitchen floor, which is probably the most time consuming of all of the projects, but will be the one that should have the biggest impact on the house overall once its finished. I think we'll be able to make our deadline of 7/14 to get most everything done! There were a couple of things our realtor put on the list that we've decided we're just not going to do, like take down our weight machine. That thing took us weeks to assemble and we're not going to take it apart for who knows how long while we're trying to sell the house - and we couldn't use it during that time of course. Plus if we don't end up selling the house we won't feel like putting the darn thing back together. If nothing else the realtor can sell it as a great "bachelor pad." We are walking distance to Miller Park (home of the Milwaukee Brewers) so a guy sports fan would find our house PERFECT! It's not big enough for most families, but as a bachelor pad it'd be great.

Moving on...

I saw this post today about the Seven Coolest Geeks on Television. Jay Black, the author of the post, puts on his list:
Adam & Jamie from Mythbusters
Conan O'Brian from Late Night
Seth Green from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Family Guy and Robot Chicken
Matt Stone and Trey Parker from South Park
Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons
Bill Hader from Saturday Night Live
Patton Oswald from The King of Queens

My list would also include Conan O'Brian and Patton Oswald. I'd also add Stephen Colbert, Masi Oka (Hiro from Heroes), Stan Lee (since Who Wants to Be a Superhero is back on TV in a few weeks he counts), Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, Seinfeld and LOTS of other stuff - I'm not sure if he's a geek, but he's been in enough geeky stuff that I'm throwing him in) For some reason Seth Green bugs me to DEATH, but he's a big-time TV geek, so I guess I've got to add him. I'd put Kevin Smith and Nicholas Cage on the list - but they're movie guys, not TV guys.

Who would you put on the Coolest Geeks on TV list?


James Meeley said...

Actually, Kevin Smith would qualify, becase he has done some television work. He has done some stuff on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and had his short-lived Clerks Animated Series on ABC. So, while not as prolific as most of the others, Smith has done television work and thus can technically qualify for such a list.

Lisa said...

Cool - then Kevin Smith is on the list. Thanks James!