Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Sellers for 2007

I took a look at the key items we sell at Neptune and wanted to share some of our best sellers for the year.

Best selling figures: The Marvel Classic Lead figures were by and large our best seller, but they are more decoration than toy, so our best selling articulated figures for the year were the Star Wars 30th Anniversary figures.

My favorite toy of the year was the Captain Teague action figure by Neca from the Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End movie.

Best selling board game: Settlers of Catan

Best selling constructible game: Wizkids Pirate’s at Ocean’s Edge
Best selling miniature game: Wizkids Marvel Heroclix, the best selling individual set of Marvel Heroclix was the Marvel Avengers set

My favorite game this year is Ticket to Ride Marklin edition. This isn't a new game, but it IS a good one.

Best selling comic book super-hero mini-series: Civil War Fallen Son
Best selling comic book non-super-hero mini-series: Dark Tower Gunslinger Born
Best selling comic book mini series overall: Dark Tower (nearly twice as many sold than the next closest series)
I did not figure out the best selling issue or regular series because it was just too difficult. But, if I had to guess, I'd say Dark Tower #1 would be best non-superhero issue and Captain America #25 would be the best selling superhero issue.

My favorite new super hero comic this year is Justice Society of America. My favorite new non super hero series is Criminal. My favorite series that ended this year is Manhunter (DC). Comics we need more of in 2008 are Dark Tower and Buffy.

Best selling manga series: Naruto
Best selling manga issue: tie between Naruto volume 1, Naruto volume 13, Naruto and Naruto volume 15

Best selling graphic novel series: Walking Dead, based upon total sales of all volumes of the series
Best selling single volume DC super-hero graphic novel: Batman The Dark Knight Returns soft cover
Best selling single volume Marvel super-hero graphic novel: Civil War
Best selling single volume non-superhero graphic novel: 300
Best selling non-graphic book: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows was first, but we had the book release party for that one. The second best seller - one that didn't have a big release party affiliated with it was the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

My favorite graphic novels this year are Walking Dead Vol 7 and Heroes Vol 1. One of my resolutions for next year is to read more graphic novels - now I just need to find the time.

My favorite comic book movie of 2007 is definitely 300. It was very accurate with the comic with the exception of the extra story about the Queen that they added.


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