Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have been meme'd by Sea of Green - I must post my favorite blog post and then ask five of you fantastic bloggers to do the same.

Ready? Here goes!

Actually I just found a new FAVORITE blog post. Recently my pal Heidi did a really great post about the general public's perception of "comic book geeks" that I found very interesting. She actually took the time to do on-the-spot interviews of people she knew and posted her findings. So, Comics Fairplay's Outside Poll: Geeks Need to Get a Life is my new favorite post. Check it out!

Another interesting post is Occasional Superheroine's The Bad Comic Shop. As a retailer I find these stories interesting.

And who could forget, the infamous post of 2007 - the Mary Jane "Wash That Man Right Outa My..." by DevilDoll. Yep, I posted the pic but her blog gets more traffic and before she knew it this "comiquette" and the blog post were being discussed on national news by Who Want's to Be a Superhero, Season 1 winner, Feedback.

With that I shall meme some buddies.... Scott, Jim, Heidi, Laura, KA - you've been tagged! And no fair saying you're too busy. I am too. It's no excuse!

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Sea-of-Green said...

GREAT links, Lisa! Thanks for sharing those posts. :-)