Friday, June 25, 2010

The Great Comics Sort

I have some time off right now and I've been helping Craig sort through a huge collection he bought last year that he just didn't have the time to really get through. He'd done some and Shane did some but it just hadn't gotten completely sorted through and so I decided to take on the task. After all, you can't sell anything that's hidden in the back room, right?

I've found some pretty awesome stuff... the full set of "300," 1-12 of "Watchmen" first print, the run of "Next Men" where Hellboy first appears, a bunch of runs of the various volumes of "Strangers in Paradise", nice run of "Preacher", the first appearance of The Crow... some really good stuff. My favorite find so far is a full, complete run of "Wonder Woman" #1-144. The Perez and Byrne stuff is great, and there are the Adam Hughes covers in there too. I'd keep it for myself if I wasn't so compelled to drive revenue to the store.

Oh, there was some CRAP too, don't get me wrong. A full box of Adults only junk with titles like "Crypt of Cum" and "Vamperotica." Lots of Valiant comics, and let's not forget Epic and Malibu imprints of old. There are the DC and Marvel titles long forgotten too, like "Hawk & Dove" and "Rom" and "Quasar" in nice runs, many the whole volume of that title. And even DC Marvel crossovers - something that will probably never happen in the future.

I've pulled out the runs that already existed and then sorted the rest by publisher. Now the next step, sorting through those by title to find additional runs of titles. We're selling the bundles in the store and on our ebay store, but again it's a process. Be sure to check both places if you want to run off with my Super Awesome Wonder Woman run or any of the cool stuff we have.


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