Saturday, February 26, 2005

More good comics: Flash, Legion of Superheroes, Strange

The store was a bit slow this Saturday - end of the month wallet woes I think. So, I had time to pick up and read a few more of this week's comics.

Flash #219 is great. Johns, the writer, is doing some great work right now. And the art is excellent too. This book is part of a Wonder Woman crossover story arc. Flash and Wonder Woman are working together - Wonder Woman is blind so she needs someone to be her eyes. There seem to be a lot of problems in the DC universe keeping the villains contained in prison. In this issue Cheetah is causing trouble, along with Flash's opposite.

Legion of Superheroes #3 was good. In this comic we experience a futuristic time where many planets all work together in peace. The children have grown tired of it and have formed their own organization. This issue highlights a girl that can multiply herself. It's an interesting story of how she found herself and survived alone on a planet, and what happens when she multiplies. This was more of an interesting philosophical/psychological book than an action book in this issue. But well done - not boring. Plus there were, of course, parts of the continuing story line that move the entire story forward.

Strange #4 was the best in the series so far - as they start to head toward the end of this 6-part comic mini-series. This is the Dr. Strange of DC, how he became the magician that we know him as. It has seemed early in the story that Stephen just lost his "goodness" and became selfish, as people often do. And yet the Ancient One still believes that Strange will become a guardian - a protector of the waking world. In this issue we find out that Strange's behaviors have actually been taught to him by someone close to him, someone who at first appears to be good, but is actually part of the demon world. If you haven't jumped on this book, I'm sure it will be out in trade, and unless it really ends badly, I'd recommend it. The art is great and the story is spinning itself quite well.

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