Saturday, February 26, 2005

More reading... Batman & Battle Hymn

The other day I had time to check out a couple more of this week's new comic books.

Batman #637 is part of a continuing arc with Nightwing fighting along side Batman. In this one Black Skull is trying to get his hands on some nasty stuff to take out Batman and the League. But his shipment is partially pilfered by a new bad guy. Batman and Nightwing have a good fight scene with Amazo - an early version that was in storage but was started up before Back Skull could get his hands on it. And, a surprise package that is disclosed at the end. All of the Batman titles are good. I like this one and Gotham Knights right now, personally.

Battle Hymn is a #1 this week out from Image. I thought the art was very good. And the story is early on, so there is character development going on. This can sometimes be slow going, but I thought it was well done. There were some good introductions to the basic plot - in a Nuclear post WWII world there are forces at work that would destroy the human race. So, a variety of super humans are being enlisted by the government to serve as US Super Heroes to save the world from these new threats. There was some action, but this was not an action packed issue. There was a bit of humor, but it's not a humorous book. I think it's off to a good start. Solid story should develop from here (I believe), and the art is very good too. If you're sick of today's traditional heroes, or if you're just looking for something new to read, check this out.

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