Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tomorrow's Arrivals of Note (2/23/05)

Another new shipment of comics arrives as always on another Wednesday. This appears to be a HUGE book week, with over 45 different titles expected to arrive on Neptune's shelves. This is also Previews week - our distributor catalogs that show all of the merchandise available for advanced order. And, for you Wizard fans the new issue of Wizard Magazine will also be coming in!

New books that are making their debut tomorrow include: Battle Hymn #1 (of 5) published by Image Comics an written by B. Clay Moore. This comic is set in 1944, at the end of World War II. Beings are emerging from the shadows of the conflict, beginning with "artificial Man." The US government has a plan to make these beings into heroes, despite any reluctance the beings may have. Bigfoot #1 (of 4) published by IDW and written by Steve Niles and Rob Zombie, with art from Richard Corben, also premieres tomorrow. This is Zombie and Niles, masters of crazy and horror, take on the legendary Bigfoot. For you fans of the hit TV show CSI, they do a line of comics too, and a new mini-series, CSISecret Identity, starts tomorrow. This book is also published by IDW, and written by Steven Grant. If you want some laughs this week, check out Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink #1, published by Dork Storm Press, by John Kovalic and Justice League Adventures' Christopher Jones! Who watches the watchmen's psychoses? It's Dr. Blink, psychologist to the superheroes, of course! But can a normal man fix his own life as he's helping the Earth's greatest heroes? The much anticipated Hunter Killer #1 is expected to arrive tomorrow as well, a Top Cow book by Mark Waid and Marc Silvestri. A couple of months back we had a 25 cent intro, Hunter Killer #0, which QUICKLY sold out, and I am fairly certain that #1 will go quickly too, especially since there are 3 different covers. Marvel has a new miniseries that premiers tomorrow, X-Force Shatterstar #1 (of 3), written by Rob Liefeld and Brandon Thomas, art by Marat Mychaels and cover by Rob Liefeld. In the aftermath of the first X-Force series, Shatterstar finds himself fighting for his life! But probably the biggest comic book coming out tomorrow is DC Comics' Seven Soldiers #0, written by Grant Morrison. This groundbreaking series begins with #0, which introduces readers to their twilight world and establishes plotlines that will reverberate throughout the entire series. The Seven Soldiers saga comprises seven 4-issue miniseries and two bookend specials. Each may be read independently, but combine to tell a colossal 30-part tale of death, betrayal, failure, joy, loss romance, triumph and redemption. Morrison combines super-hero action and serial fiction with horror, mystery, fantasy and gothic pulp in this tale of a new generation of heroes. The stars of Seven Soldiers include: Klarion, Mister Miracle, Frankenstein, Zantanna, The Guardian, Bulleteer and Shining Knight, and each one of the 4-book miniseries will be titled after these characters.

There are some books of note coming out, that are worth checking out. They include DC's Seven Soldiers (see above), which premieres tomorrow. Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes concludes with #8. Conan has been getting great reviews, and #13 will be on the shelves tomorrow. You X-Men fans have several books to check out, including: X-23 #3; X-Men Phoenix Endsong #3; Uncanny X-Men #456; and Excalibur #10. DC's Legion of Superheroes continues with #3 coming in tomorrow. I know I will be sure to check out Small Gods #7 , Y The Last Man #31, and Wonder Woman #213. Sonic fans, young and old, are in for a treat with Sonic the Hedgehog #146.

Star Wars Fan Altered... We will have the Kotobukiya Darth Vader soft vinyl model kit in-stock tomorrow. This was issued and sold out previously, and it has been re-released due to the high demand generated from the upcoming movie. We will also be getting the Galactic Heroes X-Wing fighter (we have some of the Galactic Heroes still in stock too). And, Star Wars Empire #29 and Star Wars Tales #22 comics both arrive tomorrow too!

Graphic novel fans won't want to miss these recommendations that are set to land on Neptune's shelves tomorrow: Clive Barker's Hellraiser Collected Best vol. 3 (a must-have with the movie Constantine out in theaters); another comic turned movie, coming soon, is Frank Miller's Sin City, and we'll have Big Fat Kill (vol. 3) in tomorrow; I never had a chance to read the Rogue comics, and I have heard good things about the comic, so I will check out Rogue Vol 1 Going Rogue; Neptune Comics opened after the Wolverine: the End series had started, so finally I can check out that story now that the 6-issue series is in graphic novel form.

New manga for tomorrow include: Elfquest The Grand Quest Vol. 7, Gals Vol 13, Trigun Anime Manga Wolfwood, and Trigun Maximum Vol 4 Bottom of the Dark.

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