Thursday, February 24, 2005

Books recently read: Wonder Woman, 7 Soldiers, Small Gods, Dr. Blink

I had a chance last night to check out a few of the new books out.

Wonder Woman continues to be a book I enjoy. Personally I like the tales of the gods, and even though she was recently blinded, Wonder Woman continues to kick major butt! The last few issues have had some great fight scenes, and have turned away from Diana's role in the US to her role at home in Themiscara. I think the current artist is great, and Raggs Morales is going to be doing art for the book in the future, so great art should continue. This year may be the year of the Lantern, but DC announced that 2005 will be the year of the Woman, Wonder Woman!

The Seven Soldiers saga began this week with #0. It gives some background into a previous batch of soldiers and what they were meant to do and how they were defeated. The series will continue with Guardian #1 and Shining Knight #1 in March. Grant Morison can spin a tale of the strange and unusual with great detail, and this is one of them. The basic premise is that there is a strong and powerful evil and it needs to be stopped. So a group working for good must assemble a group of seven, seven being an important and mystical number, to try to defeat this evil. The seven have very little in common and many were never real super heroes before. I was a bit confused at first, when reading #0 because of the sudden time and character change, and it started out a bit strangely, which I'm hoping will become clarified with Shining Knight when it comes out in 2 weeks. But once I got to the end I had a better handle on what was going on. I have never been a huge fan of the "typical" super hero story, so this one should be fun because the Seven Soldiers are anything but typical - this is not the Justice League, but rather a rag-tag group thrown together by an outside force. And the lines of good and evil don't seem to be as clear as they often are in a typical hero story.

Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink #1 finally came out this week. We expected it back in September or so, but after the story, in the letters in the back of the book, it is explained that they decided to ad color, when the book was originally to be black and white, so that added quite a bit of time to the production process. I liked the art, and the premise of the book sounded funny. But it wasn't quite as hilarious as I had expected. There were some humorous parts, and I liked the book overall, but it was not what I thought it would be. There are some parts that are too drawn out - reflections of a hero that can't die and his frustration at having seen everything there is to see and do everything there is to do many times over in universes across space and time is one example. It wasn't a book I'd put on my list of great books, but it was good. I will check out the next one, just to see how the story continues.

And finally I read Small Gods #7 too. I really like this book. It is in black and white, and is not written for kids, but it is a great action story. I find the writing style to really pull me into what is happening and how the characters must be feeling. This story arc has psychics, dirty cops, car chases and more... Adding just enough of the unusual to a usual dirty cop action story to make it different and interesting.

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