Monday, October 17, 2005

Come on in

The WHOLE way in.

At least once per day on most days someone comes into the store, but not the whole way in. I wonder if I’m scaring them off somehow, or if they are so determined NOT to buy something (which is usually what happens if you don’t come to the back of the store) that they can’t let themselves get too close to me or the register. The people I’m speaking of come into the store’s door, then maybe make it as far as the action figures on the one side, then sometimes they head over to the other side, where they glance at the comic racks and then quickly disappear behind the manga rack, which is the one place in the store where I can’t get a complete view of them.

It’s not like we’re not welcoming. I say hi to just about every person who comes in, usually right when they get inside the door and the bells stop jingling, so they can hear me. Though most of these people nod or glance, trying not to make eye contact. Once a guy shouted back, “Just Looking.” I hadn’t even asked if I could help him. There are plenty of cool things here at the “back” of the store. Lots of stuff to see. So, if you’re just standing by the window and 5 feet inside the door, you’re going to miss a lot. Seriously, I don’t bite, I shower every day, and even use lots of breath mints. Craig’s bigger, maybe a little less cute, but still he’s less scary than many other guys I’ve seen working at comic book shops over the years. He showers and shaves every day too! We almost never yell at anyone. We don’t watch over people as they brouse, we just try to help them if they need it. So, don’t be afraid. If you are actually in the store, take a look around. Don’t feel like you can’t come too far in or “that’s it, you’re obligated to buy something now.” There isn’t a “free zone” and a “buy zone” here. Don’t be shy! It makes me feel like I’m scary or stinky or that you’re just being polite by opening the door, but you’re not going to come any further. Just come on in, the whole way in!

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