Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today's "Sneaks & News" --maybe a new feature?

I thought that for fun, or as time allows, I’d throw some comic book related news on the blog. I read through many sites each day, so this is some of the more important/interesting stuff (at least in my opinion) and previews and other fun tid-bits, with the links. Think of the time I’ll save ya!

Check out Strangeways #1. Folks who like 70s Warren-style horror and your Vertigo readers (particularly those into the upcoming LOVELESS) should check it out. Or anyone who likes cowboys. Or werewolves. I know there are plenty of horror and cowboy fans out there, so take a look! If you want a quick taste check out the feature/interview/preview about the book over at Newsarama.

If you like super-heroes, but not the typical ones, check out Intimidators #1. The premise is: What if the Authority found Captain America? Swinging 1960's Commie-hating, true blue American icon is transported through space and time to present day Detroit where he has to help turn a team of bloodthirsty, sex-crazed, too-cool-for-school anti-heroes into role models while acclimating himself to a world where you can download movies of strippers licking butter off of donkeys to your personal telephone. Make with the clicky to find out more about the book and check out the covers to issues #2 and 3

I think that this book looks beautiful, and sounds interesting. You D&D type fans should definitely consider checking this one out: WITCH KING "Autobiography of a Dark Lord"the ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL, 116 pages, full-color, US$19.95 found on page 311 of PREVIEWS..."WITCH KING, Autobiography of a Dark Lord" brings to life an ancient, haunted world in a tale of dark fantasy that will take readers on an amazing journey of ambition and treachery, brutality and sensuality, and of magic and death.
On a shattered throne, surrounded by an army of the dead, rests the most powerful and arrogant sorcerer of the age: Gavriel, the Witch King, who after years in exile has returned and claimed his father's house with fire and pain and spared not even his family, save for his eldest brother and a sister. He narrates to them his reasons for turning his back on mercy and justice, the story of his life, and how he became the Witch King.
For a 22 page sample chapter in PDF, please see http://www.witch-king.net

This book has been a favorite of mine since we opened the store. They’re getting a new artist, and he’s done work on Small Gods, which I absolutely loved the art on: Rex Mundi is a quest for the Holy Grail told as a murder mystery. It’s set in Paris in the year 1933, but in this world the Protestant Reformation never happened… so Europe is still in the Dark Ages. Oh yeah, and magic is real too. Take a Hollywood detective movie from the 1930s, substitute the Holy Inquisition for the cops and occultists for the gangsters, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Rex Mundi is about. For more details check out: www.rexmundi.net and see the Newsarama interview.

Fallen Angel #1 (All new, follows DC’s Vertigo series) is another book that looks beautiful. I really liked the first series, although it ended poorly. Think Electra meets Red Riding Hood and heads to New Orleans to kick bad-guy butt. Check it out: Newsarama preview.

Marvel can’t be left out of the previews! New Excalibur #1 details: Spinning out of the pages of House of M and Uncanny X-Men, England once again has a team of heroes to call its own. Captain Britain and Excalibur return in New Excalibur #1 with a new team ready to protect the shores of Great Britain from anything that may threaten it. Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT On Sale 11/9/2005 .

The first series of this did ok here, but it was just finishing as we opened. I know that has a good fan-following, and lets not forget that writer Sean McKeever is not only a Wisconsin boy but also an Eisner Award Winner. Sentinel #1, by Sean McKeever. The story of young boy and his giant government-built, mutant-hating robot returns. “I'm happy to report that I really think Sentinel fans are gonna love this next chapter in Juston's life,” swears McKeever. $2.99 On sale from Marvel on November 2, 2005. For some previews, click here.

Captain Universe crossover – too complicated to explain here, so check out the link for details.

For you TV and movie junkies…

Smallville: the Oct. 28 episode, “Thirst” looks to be another supernatural one. Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame guest stars as editor of the Daily Planet and Lana pledges a sorority (when was she back in college??) whose members are actually vampires. For photos check out Kryptonsite here.

X-Men 3: According to Superhero Hype, the trailer for X-Men 3 will play in theaters with director Peter Jackson's "King Kong" on December 14th. XMenFilms.net has the scoop on what character model Omahyra Mota will play in the Brett Ratner-helmed mutant movie. Finally, Hollywood North Report has a new batch of set photos of the destruction being planned for the faux San Francisco while waiting out the weather for proper shooting conditions.

George Lucas is still planning to do a Star Wars TV Series. Details here: http://www.icv2.com/articles/home/7681.html

Electra 2 – I know the first one was OK at best. I liked it but felt that the character development lacked and the whole thing seemed rushed. Yet now they’re talking about doing a second movie, only this one isn’t for kids!

Have you seen “Blade” 1, 2 & 3? Do you love that half-bread who kicks vampire butt? Maybe you’d like to be in the TV show? Check this out for details.

Allright - that's the first installment. Let me know if you like it!

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