Monday, October 31, 2005

New week - new stuff!

After a busy week I’m ready for another blog!

Let me first thank everyone who came into the store for our Halloween party. Some of you were dressed up, and some weren’t but all-in-all, we’d call it a success. Next year we want to make it even bigger & better, and hopefully get more folks in costumes to compete in our contest.

If you haven’t stopped in yet, you will soon see a bit of a change here at Neptune. My last blog shows some pics of the changes we’ve made in the last almost 2-years we’ve been open. We are really hoping to make our store a cool and fun place for a variety of folks, not just you comic book fans, but also you gamers and families. While we don’t and probably won’t ever carry movies or video games for sale, we are trying to market ourselves as an entertainment store. A place not just for collectors, but for people looking for entertainment outside of movies and video games. Our diverse selection should appeal to a variety of people, both comic fans and those new to the comic book medium. With our newly expanded selection of games, comic book fans can also find items they might have been considering or currently purchase somewhere else. Continue to let your friends and families know about Neptune Comics – your word of mouth is our most effective marketing.

Sneaks & News: (it’s been a few days, so I’ll do a little catch-up on these)

Sneak peaks of the Nov. 10th “Splinter” episode of Smallville, where we meet Silver Kryptonite which, quite literally, makes Clarke insane.

Fantasy fans should definitely take a look at this 10-page preview of The Wood Boy/The Burning Man trade, coming out in November. The trade adapts the original fantasy stories by (respectively) Raymond E. Feist and Tad Williams.

If you’ve been following, or plan to follow, the events of the House of M (the final issue arriving this week – 11/2) you will want to check out this sneak peak of House of M Deadly Genesis, expected to ship 11/16.

While I’m not sure it’s a comic for me, the art for Revolution on the Planet of the Apes looks pretty good.

Halloween Fun
Today Show’s Matt Lauer as Batman. And Trick-Or-Treaters subject to random bag searches!

Thriller writer/novelist David Morrell to pen a new Captain America project set for next year. He is the author of First Blood, the award-winning novel in which Rambo was created. He has written numerous best-selling thrillers, including The Brotherhood of the Rose (the basis for a highly rated NBC mini-series), The Fifth Profession, Extreme Denial and Assumed Identity. Most recently, he wrote the dark suspense-thriller Creepers.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela has launched the first in a series of comic books about his life and the fight for democracy.

I’ve always been a fan of Stephen King, and while I’m not yet up-to-date with the series, I have enjoyed his Dark Tower stories. It’s just been announced that King will do a Dark Tower series for Marvel. This is very exciting for me as a fan, but also as a retailer, because books like this give non-superhero fans a reason to come into a comic book shop. And, it will feature the art of Jae Lee!

Coming April 2006: Batman Legos! How fun!

After several months of going to and finding nothing there but the Image logo and a line saying that a new and improved site was coming soon, it finally has!

Unable to leave a good thing alone, Joss Whedon has announced that he’s going to “update” Wonder Woman’s costume for the future movie.

Box Office Takes over the weekend (gross is estimated):
#5: Wallace and Gromit: The curse of the Where Rabbit, out for 4 weeks, weekend gross= $4.4M
#4: Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, 2nd week out, weekend gross= $6.3M
#3: Prime, 1st week out, weekend gross= $6.4M
#2: The Legend of Zorro, 1st week out, weekend gross= $16.5M
And the #1 grossing movie of the weekend: Saw II, 1st week out, weekend gross= $30.5M

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