Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Today's Update - Sneaks news & all around cool info

Star Wars Episode 3 comes out today on DVD. It’s probably the first of many editions, but if you have the other 5, I say go get it today! Target usually has the best price on new releases the day of release.

I play the Star Wars card game by Wizards of the Coast – it’s really fun! So I was sad to hear that they’re going to stop making it, or at least “put it on indefinite hold.” A WotC official put it this way to ICv2: "It seems as if the fans' attention has shifted to the minis, so that's where we are putting our efforts." On November 11th WotC is releasing the giant Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker, a mammoth, pre-painted "miniature" that is 17 inches long and 14 inches high. The highly detailed model of the All-Terrain Armored Transport, which could function as a symbol of the robust performance of the Star Wars CMG, is actually in scale with the other Star Wars miniatures and has a suggested retail price of $49.99.

For you MMORPG folks (that stands for Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game, for those of you that aren’t) City of Villains is out!! I haven’t bought it yet, for fear it’s too much like City of Heroes, which I do own and play. So, if you get it let me know how it compares!

Check out Chance of a Lifetime, by James T. Mitchel, One-Shot period story covers some well trod territory – a World War II era that finds itself suddenly introduced to a strangely garbed man with amazing abilities far beyond those of regular humans.

Want to write, draw or ink comics? Red 5 comics wants you!

Still confused about Infinite Crisis? Check out this nice on-line guide.

Take a sneak peak at Ultimate X-Men #65! It’s Brian K Vaughan’s last issue, scheduled to arrive Nov. 23.

And finally, DON’T miss out on the chance to win a free PSP (that’s Playstation Portable, for those of you who don’t game). We’re having a drawing this month for a free PSP, so come in and sign up – hey, buy something too while you’re here, ok.

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