Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today's Sneaks & News

COME ON PEOPLE!! Get in here! I should NOT have the time to do this today. It’s ‘New Book Day’ for crying out loud!

Did you read House of M #7? I thought it was the best issue so far! FINALLY something happened, and it’s a big something. If you didn’t read it, you should!! So, if you don’t already know, the world of mutants is about to get a LOT smaller. After House of M #8 the story moves into its second phase with: Decimation: House of M – The Day After, which is due in stores November 9th. Newsarama has a peak of it here.

All-Star Superman #1 due in stores on November 16th. Dang variant covers! It looks cool but I just WHITE HOT HATE dealing with variant covers! I hate them so much I already regret putting the link up :(

Hmmm… this kind of looks like Sal Abbinanti’s Atomika. Even the title is similar: ROBOTIKA is a steampunk sushi samurai western about loyalty, honor and revenge written and illustrated by Alex Sheikman and colored by Joel Chua, published by Archaia Studios Press and scheduled to ship in December.

OMG! Now even my dog can get into Marvel collectables!

I love the art in the new Ghost Rider series! Check out some sneaks of #3 here.

I guess if you like dinosaurs this could be a cool game, but I just think it’s LAME! Wizkids – do we really need more games from you right now? How’s about you just get the existing ones right.
Although I was SUPER excited to see that there will be yet another expansion to their Pirates constructable game. Pirates of the Revolution is set to come out at the end of the month and it was feared by many that it would be the last set. But today I smiled when I saw this!

Comic book fans usually like art in general. If you’d like to tour the art galleries in Milwaukee, but don’t have the time, click here for the Journal Sentinal’s on-line tour as they discuss the upcoming “Gallery Night & Day” event.

Remember troll dolls? I always thought they were freaky, but I had a couple none the less. When I go to the casino on rare occasion to play bingo with Craig’s family I always see them… are they really lucky? Guess someone got the idea to make them hipper and trendier – think troll meets Bratz—call them Trollz, and they become a hit. Personally, I'm afraid of 'em.

I believe that tomorrow night is the “Aqua” episode of Smallville, featuring… guess who… Aquaman—without the hook. Check out these photos of the buff young Aquaman with Lois Lane. Looks like most of the show, so if you don’t want spoilers don’t click.

Prepare now for your weekend. These are the movies set to open this weekend. If you want to sneak peak Stay, we've got special screening passes for a Thursday show @ 7:30 - you've gotta stop in and pick em up though.

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