Thursday, October 20, 2005

Today's Sneaks & News

Not too much new comics related news today, but here are some interesting tidbits I thought I’d share…

Didn’t I JUST complain about variant covers yesterday? Now DC is doing it to me again – with a Supergirl cover. I’m going to have to start seriously blogging about my problems with variants in the hope that somehow these publishers will stumble across it and get the message.

I know a lot of people were fans of the Aeon Flux animated series from MTV. They’ve recently done a comic book for it (I think we still have a few copies in stock, so get yours now) and in December it will be a live action movie starring Charlez Theron. The DVD of the animated show is being released next month.

You science fiction/fantasy fans, good news, there’s more great graphic novel adaptations coming of your favorite novels. I know the Forgotten Realms adaptations have been a HUGE hit here, bringing in people who never really got into comics before. From the few art samples I’ve seen so far, it looks to be beautiful stuff.

When Testament was describe in last month’s previews, it didn’t sound that interesting, but after reading this article, I have to admit that I’m much more intrigued! It’s scheduled to come out in November from Vertigo, and for those of you who like to try out things other than the traditional super hero comic, I really think it will be worth a few bucks to check it out. According to the article, “Testament takes place in a world that looks very much like ours — except for the fact that corporate interests run the government, the draft is being reinstated, terrorism is being used as a pretext for population control, the media has become a highly controlled propaganda space, all university research is funded in one way or another by military interests, citizens are being tracked by RFID implants, money has become a kind of thought virus that people actually believe in..." TESTAMENT is essentially a look at what if the stories that comprise the Bible took place, Today. Violence, sex, sacrifice and all that other good stuff. You've heard the phrase, "those that forget history are doomed to repeat it." Think of TESTAMENT as the sort of world we could very easily become.

If you are a big X fan, and LOVE the movies, and CAN’T WAIT to see X-3, then you should check this out. Your big chance to win tickets to the red carpet premiere and after party – a chance to meet Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry – how can you not bid on this package?

Since there wasn’t that much comics news, and since it’s Thursday but I keep thinking its Friday, here are some fun news bits. Enjoy at your leisure.

If you want to see how wild & crazy TV has been over the years, there are two shows on tonight to fill that desire. 7 p.m., Bravo: "Most Outrageous TV Moments and 8 p.m., E! Entertainment TV: "101 Craziest TV Moments." But honestly, there’s just too much good TV on tonight for me to spend time on rehashing all of history’s bad TV.

Demonstrating that there is a difference between “book smart” and “street smart.”

Isn’t the very nature of soap and hot water to kill bacteria? If not, then why have we bothered all these years? How did we survive?

I’ve always been a dog person. Now I have proof that my decision was a good one!! I’ve heard tales of cats suffocating people by sleeping on their necks or faces, but this is even worse. “Crazed cat with foot fetish blamed for chewing off woman's toes.”

WHEW, got these done before Craig showed up. My blogging seems to make him nervous for some reason.

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