Friday, October 21, 2005

Today's Sneaks & News

Just a few today...

Previews of Captain Universe/Daredevil and Books of Doom #1

A couple of photos for next Thursday’s installment of Smallville – where Lana joins a vampire sorority. Is it just me, or is that girl seriously naive?

Sci-Fi & Superhero movies dominated the top selling DVD’s list for the week of 10/9

A couple of years ago Ken & Barbie split up – Ken took of in the convertible and Barbie found a new career. I blame Ken’s mid-life crisis. Now Mattel is bringing Ken back, better than before, after his midlife crisis, metrosexual makeover.

List of next week's comics is up at Neptune Comics.

Just a reminder--Craig & I are gone this weekend for a Comics & Games Retailer Summit in exciting Fort Wayne, IN. The store will close early today, we'll have my sister & a friend of craig's running the place on Saturday (so DONT freak out when you see we're not here) and we will be closed on Sunday - so go ahead and watch the Packers beat up on the Vikings.

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