Thursday, November 03, 2005

FUN Sneaks & News

Let me start out by letting everyone know that you can post comments again. I was having some problems with people spamming my blog with ads, so I changed some settings and it turned out that you had to register to post. That’s fixed now. You don’t have to be a registered user, but you will have to enter a 5-digit combination of letters and numbers that will appear when you post your comments. This way the spammers can’t get in but everyone else still can. So, now I’m going to expect some comments!!

For Fun… Sitting at work bored… check out this addictive little game.

Hmmm… prankster or employees fed up with a nasty boss. You decide! And always check the toilet seat before you plant yourself on it.

I guess sometimes diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend! Wouldn't life be less fun without the Onion?

BIG comic geek news – Mark Millar is ill and needs to take some time off. 6 months for now.

DC’s Superman Returns will fly onto movie screens everywhere June 30, 2006. And today I found out that it will also be on IMAX!! How cool would it be to see that?!

Scheduled to arrive this December (and I stress scheduled, since it’s an Image comic) is Intimidators, by Jim Valentino. You can check it out here. It’s supposed to be a funny comic combining the gritty super heroes you usually find in the Wildstorm universe with the traditional idealistic heroes we all grew up with. Sometimes it’s fun to play around with the hero concept, and humorous comics can be good if they’re well written. So, take a look and see what you think.

Our main distributor for all things comic, Diamond Distribution, has signed a semi-mostly-exclusive contract with the Girl Twirl gals. About time more women are being encouraged to make comics.

This is an interesting column, written by one of my Broken Frontier favorites, JP. He discusses how he grew up on Marvel comics, but suddenly has found himself buying and really enjoying what DC has to offer. Plus, he talks about the pros and cons of having a cohesive timeline in the universe that covers all the books – which DC does and for the most part Marvel does not. When we first opened we sold, by far, more Marvel comics. While we still sell Marvel, and more of it than we did when we first opened, but DC Comics now outsell Marvel here. If you took out books like New Avengers and Astonishing X-Men DC would dominate, but those two books pull in a lot of comic buyers who don’t pick up other comics, so they give Marvel a big boost here. Anyway, check out JP’s article.

There ya go… some good tidbits for today. I’m working on a rant about prima donna comic book snobs, because I’m aggravated at them—one in particular. I’ll put it up once I’ve got time – working on the Neptune News now too, and I want that done by the end of today, so my typing fingers are a bit busy.


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