Friday, November 11, 2005


This just happened not even half an hour ago, and I just thougth I'd post it once all the customers left.

Craig's still out of town, so I'm holding down the fort here myself today. Then one of our good customers, who happens to be a woman, came in to browse for something to read over the weekend. Shortly after that, another woman came in to look trough our Magic: The Gathering single cards. Then, another good customer came in, who also happens to be a woman, to pick up her new comcis for the week. There were FOUR WOMEN in the shop at one time, without a man, and not on the phone to call one and find out what he wanted her to pick up.

YEAHOO!!!! I even commented out loud about it as I was rining up the purchase of one of them, "who would believe this is a comic book store with ALL women in it." They all laughed! Now, I've got nothing against you men. It just makes me happy that women can come into our store alone and feel comfortable shopping for comics and cards for themselves. That doesn't happen nearly enough in comic fandom. More now than in years before, but still not quite enough.

OMG - it JUST happened AGAIN. Two sisters and another gal!! GO GALS!

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