Monday, November 14, 2005

Sneaks & News!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know the store is already getting busier now that the holidays are coming. Plus, we're trying to finish some home projects, so we've been quite busy this weekend.

Top movies this week (estimated $ totals)-click on the movie name link to go to the official movie site.
#5: Jarhead; 2nd weekend out; Weekend Gross $12.3 M
#4: Get Rich or Dye Tryin’; 1st weekend out; Weekend Gross $12.5 M
#3: Derailed; 1st weekend out; Weekend Gross $12.8 M
#2: Zathura; 1st weekend out; Weekend Gross $14 M
And the highest grossing/most popular show of the weekend: #1: Chicken Little; 2nd weekend out; Weekend Gross $32 M

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premieres this weekend – be prepared for BIG crowds. Westowne here in Waukehsa will be having a midnight show!

Check out a few pages of Fell #3, by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith. This is a pretty cool comic, if you’re into edgy crime drama. Each story can be read as a one-shot, but they do follow an overriding plot. And, they’re CHEAP – only $1.99!

Check out a few pages of Ares, written by Michael Avon Oeming with art by Travel Foreman that promises to re-unite Hercules and the Greek Pantheon with the Marvel Universe. This is being solicited in the current Previews catalog, and expected to arrive on our shelves in January. If you are interested in it, be sure to let us know so we can reserve a copy for you.

Kevin Smith announced back at Chicago Wizard that he plans to finish Spider-Man/Black Cat. Check it out if you’d like. Personally, I recommend waiting for the trade. I hate supporting folks that do on again/off again chronically late projects.

SPOILER ALERT: Hey Smallville fans, here are some shots from this coming episode, “Solitude” in which Martha Kent contracts a rare disease (she’s starting to seriously resemble Aunt May) and Dr. Fine (AKA Brainiac) convinces Clark to destroy the Fortress of Solitude, but not before he tries to conjure up Gen. Zod to kill Clark.

Board games are definitely coming back into vogue. This week the New York Times on-line did a piece about board games that’s worth checking out (requires free registration).

DC met with a group of comic book retailers in Canada this weekend. Here’s the scoop: Some updates on DC’s 52 (part of the Infinite Crisis Saga):
Each issue of 52* will contain 20 pages of stories with back-ups. Issues #2-#11 will feature a 10-part “History of the DCU” story. As mentioned before, the weekly series will tie-into seasons and holidays and will see six stories running throughout the run. The maximum cover price the weekly series will be is $2.99. It will launch in the second week of May, and will be the chance for some minor characters to shine.
Hawkman changes its title to Hawkgirl with issue #50 as a part of the publisher’s “One Year Later…” event. The series will also be getting a creative team change, with Walt Simonson coming on board as writer and Howard Chaykin joining as penciler (marking the first return of both to mainstream, ongoing DCU work in years – and the first time in years that the two former studio mates will be working together). Asked how edgy the series would be, it was stated that the Hawkgirl series may be stronger than some of the softer DCU titles, but will be a part of the DC Universe.
Though not slated to be announced, DC representatives confirmed that the current Wonder Woman series will be ending, as will Gotham Central and Gotham Knights. Flash ends in January with the already-solicited issue.
June and July: there will be one new major series launch each week; and in July – one new major high-profile creative team launch.

Rumors of a Namor/Sub-Mariner movie should quiet down now since Chris Columbus announced that he’s NOT doing it.

Stan Lee discusses his X3 cameo: In X3, Lee said, "It's not one of my biggest roles, I'm a little embarrassed to say. I'm a guy in the suburbs watering the lawn with a hose, and the water as you can imagine is coming out of the hose and going down on the lawn. Then one that has power to move things mentally"—Jean Grey, played by Famke Janssen—"she's driving, and she gestures at my house, and all of sudden the water goes up instead of down…”

WWE fans mourn today, the loss of Eduardo Gory Guerrero, who died in his hotel in Minneapolis on Sunday at only 38 years old. No apparent signs of suicide or foul play were present and until an autopsy is performed, there is no apparent cause of death. I say it’s the ‘roids!

Think your cat has got what it takes to be a real contender? Then enter it in a Cat Show. While most competitions focus on pedigreed cats, with accompanying CFA papers, many welcome household pets.

Leave it to the Irish. One of their nursing homes now has a bar, and they claim that “a good pint might help it’s patients.”

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Anonymous said...

I am going to that nursing home.

And, from what Stan Lee has stated, I am excited to see that Jean Grey is back in the film. She was my favorite character besides Cyclops, of course.