Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sneak (only one) & News

This is a bit later than I usually post, but I found a few good tidbits to share.

I’m not sure the world needs more politics right now, but this comic book could be fun for those of you who enjoy a good political debate and/or parody. It’s called Liberality For All, and is written by Mike Mackey.

For those of you that are NASCAR fans, Wizkids is releasing a new game tomorrow that you will really like, Race Day. It’s in the style of Pirates – styrene cards that have pieces that can be punched out and assembled into cars.

People love pirates – that’s an undisputable fact. The next Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be coming out in July 2006!! There are a couple sets of movie action figures on their way in 2006. And, now Upper Deck, the makers of VS. and distributors of Yu-Gi-Oh in the USA, are making a Pirates of the Caribbean card game. Even if no one else in the WORLD plays it, I know I’ll pick up a box for myself.

Star Wars is the top of the average US boy’s favorite licensed toy list, followed by NFL, Yu-Gi-Oh, Spider-Man, and NBA. NASCAR finished in sixth place followed by Major League Baseball, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Ball Z and Hot Wheels. Did you notice, no Batman. What is wrong with the average American boy that Batman isn’t on the list?

WHY didn’t they have a Video Game major when I went to college?

Check out the Superman Returns Barbies!

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