Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tomorrow is Turkey Day

What a wierd day! We expected more children to come in, since school was out. When we did get them in it was non-stop Yu-Gi-Oh card shopping!!

It's been a strangely quiet Wednesday - too quiet. Some people are out of town, others waiting for our big sale on Friday, some at home preparing for a big meal tomorrow, and still others too busy playing their new X-Box 360 to come out. Many people did tell us they'd be in for the sale, so that's good news. We're hoping to make up for the slow day today with a really really big Friday. At least it's given me some time to work on the order and prep for the art exhibit at UWM next week.

We also got a bunch more games - I know, we're really loading up on them. Hopefull we'll sell a bunch on Friday - 25% off-that's a good deal!! The games today were all Fantasy Flight games, several of them look quite interesting. Plus, we received the new Wizkids Race Day game, which is quick, easy play and fairly fun.

Tomorrow I will finish making my Thanksgiving stuffing and then head out to the store for some last minute preparation for Friday's big sale. Then we'll head over to Craig's parents house with my mom in-toe, to pig out on turkey and 'taters and other goodies. Wherever you go and whatever you do, have a great Thanksgiving; remember how fortunate you are, and celebrate life.

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