Monday, November 21, 2005

Sneaks & News

  • Hey, I just noticed that my last post was #100! Maybe I should have done a special, variant edition.
  • First, let me just remind everyone that new comics still arrive on Wednesday this week, even with the holiday, and next week will also be on schedule. If you are in the area on “Black Friday” Nov. 25th, stop in because we’re having a HUGE sale, and we’re opening one hour early (10 am) for the best savings. Check out our web site for details.
  • Check out the first few pages of Son of M #1, scheduled to arrive in mid-December.
  • The Perhapnauts #1 (of 4) sounded interesting, so we ordered a few extra copies for the shelves. It is coming out this Wednesday. Check it out on-line here.
  • Another sneak peak of one of Marvel’s upcoming “What If” books: What if: Wolverine.
  • From the mind of acclaimed Swedish illustrator Peter Bergting comes The Portent, a sweeping fantasy epic launching in February from Image Comics. THE PORTENT is the story of Milo, a man who has absolutely no interest in the world or other people. Through forces he cannot control, he sets out to become a hero but for all the wrong reasons. He ends up destroying the world and then heads to find the ancient demon who set everything in motion in an attempt to try to set things right. At the crossroads between this world and the next, Milo finally must take a stand, and in doing so, learn just what it takes to be a hero. Check out The Portent here.
  • Here is one more reason to buy your miniature games from Neptune Comics instead of some on-line vendor. Wizkids has announced a Wizkids Collector’s Club for it’s MechWarrior and HeroClix lines of games.
  • Those Japanese will do ANYTHING to keep their employees hard at work. Now they have developed a way to deliver aromatherapy via computers.
  • If you are wondering why you haven’t heard much about the next season of American Idol, well, there are a few good reasons. The main one being that one of the star judges, Simon, wants to start his own show, called X-Factor.
  • Could this be bigger than the newest Harry Potter movie? Longer lines than Star Wars Episode III? It’s the newest thing in home gaming, the Xbox 360, which goes on sale Tuesday, in some stores as early as 12:01 am. But don’t stand in line at GameStop! GameStop, the nation's biggest video game specialty retailer with 3,500 stores, sold out its initial order two weeks ago.
  • This week’s Top 5 at the box office were (weekend gross estimates):
    #5: Zathura, 2nd weekend out, $5.1 M weekend gross
    #4: Derailed, 2nd weekend out, $6.5 M weekend gross
    #3: Chicken Little, 3rd weekend out, $14.8 M weekend gross
    #2: Walk The Line, 1st weekend out, $22.4 M weekend gross
    #1 – OBVIOUSLY: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 1st weekend out, $101.4 M weekend gross.

    Click on the movie title to go to their official movie web sites.
  • Official X-Men 3 movie site is up and running now.
  • No new Smallville for a couple of weeks – December 8 is the next episode, called Lexmas. Click here for photos! Enjoy the show, because I don’t think there’s another new episode scheduled after this one until January. Might be a good time to consider picking up some of the old seasons on DVD.

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