Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today's Sneaks & News

In February of 2006, Swedish creator Peter Bergting will be melding fantasy and horror to bring you the bi-monthly, ongoing series "The Portent" from Image Comics. Find out more about it here.

Hey Iron Man fans, check out a few pages and some information on the new min-series for the tin man, set to come out in January, Iron Man: Inevitable. The new team promises that it will be “more on time” than the other Iron Man series that seem to be plagued with delays. It does look good!

A three page peek at Stuart Immonen’s pencils for January’s Nextwave #1 by Warren Ellis and Immonen, as well as a look at the cover for issue #2. I hope I didn't already post this sneak - if I did then look again.

Networks say DVR/TiVo boosts ad viewing. Hmmm, I’m not 100% sure I buy that completely. I know we TiVo a TON of shows at home to watch when we get home from the store. By doing so, we get to enjoy programs we would otherwise probably miss. Sure, we used to use our VCR to catch a couple of shows, but now we can record 2 shows at a time, we don’t have to mess with the hastle of tapes, and the programming is much easier. But getting back to the ad viewing. We VERY rarely watch the commercials on the shows we record. If we see something that catches out eye we will stop and watch it, or if we forget the show is recorded and not live we will watch the commercials, but that’s it. Most commercials go by in fast forward mode. We advertise on cable TV, so I would like to believe that more ads are being viewed now! I’m just not sure that that’s really the case. Tim Cuprisin from the Milwaukee Journal explains where the networks are coming from—click to go to the article.

And on a similar note, a town in Texas changed its name to “Dish” in order to get 10 years of free satellite TV. Do you think that would work with a pet? Maybe a child?

Put this in your calendar for the week after Thanksgiving:
Wednesday, Nov. 30, Distinguished Lecture Series, Art Spiegelman, Comix 101, a lecture by the Pulitzer Prize-winning illustrator and author of Maus, who almost single-handedly turned comic books into works of literature, 8pm,
advance tickets available, for ticket information call the UWM bookstore at 414-229-4201 or 1-800-662-5668 or buy on-line at, Union Wisconsin Room, post lecture reception in The Union Art Gallery.
Also, in the Union Gallery and concourse the 28th – Dec. 1 will be a comic book art exhibit: Civil Rights & Social Issues, an exhibition of the civil rights movement depicted in comic books and illustrations from Sal Abbinanti’s comic book, Atomika: God is Red, building hours, Union Concourse.
We are proud to sponsor the Civil Rights exhibit (as created by local resident and Neptune fan, Rob Mennenga) and Sal Abbinanti exhibits, so please check them out.

One of the holiday’s HOT new toys are cactus friends-they look cute, but uncuddly! Check out TD monthly’s a very nice list for board game fans! We have a bunch of these in stock, if you are interested in picking them up.

And don't forget our After Thanksgiving sale next week Friday. We'll have LOTS of stuff on sale. Check our web site for details!

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