Friday, December 09, 2005

Coupla' News Bits

The Advocate online, a New Orleans paper, had a nice article today about modern day comic books. Most comic book fans would see her (the writer’s) points as being fairly basic, but for the average person, it would be fairly informational.

The failed “New Universe” series is slated to return. With a new name: Newuniversal, and a new writer: Warren Ellis. “Ellis is not planning on creating individual books for his favorite New Universe characters, rather he will remold his favorite NU protagonists in his on-going Newuniversal series, which will be structured in a long-form narrative rather than in self-contained issues.” ( news 12/9/05) What I want to know is, HOW MANY books can Ellis actually write at once? Does he not ever sleep anymore??

Aquaman will have a name change after issue #40, to Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis. Why? Maybe to increase sales, but I don’t really know what the logic is. Apparently DC thinks if they give Aquaman a new image they can save the book. Anyway, Kurt Busiek will be leaving Conan to pen the new/improved Aquaman series.

Info on the new Blue Beetle series. I personally don’t like the costume.

Win a Bone game.

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