Monday, December 05, 2005

News - Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! No comic sneak peaks today. But, I do have some good news links. Enjoy!

Get your first glimpse at the X-Men 3 movie. Well, maybe you’ve already seen them, but I like the way USA Today presents the pics.

first review I’ve seen for Aeon Flux. I think by the end the writer says he likes it, but he wasn’t overflowing with praise. It didn't do great at the box office, but neither did anything else but H.P., so it still finished second.

On-line comic book creation, and a new rental service, are growing in Korea. I guess it’s one way to save on the space you old comics take up.

Better late than never?
Stephen King and Marvel have announced that the Dark Tower comic book originally scheduled for April 2006 will be pushed back to February 2007.

Fantastic Four 2 movie planned for summer of 2007.

Ultimate Avengers DVD screen shots. The video goes on sale in February 2006.

Bryan Singer is considering directing a Star Trek movie.

No more reading the paper while using the toilet.
Survey says that more and more people use the internet while in the bathroom.

This week's top 5 grossing movies (the link takes you to the movie's official site):

#5: Just Friends, 2nd week out, $5.9 M estimated weekend gross
#4: Yours, Mine and Ours, 2nd week out, $8.4 M estimated weekend gross
#3: Walk the Line, 3rd week out, $10 M estimated weekend gross
#2: Aeon Flux, first week out, $13.1 M est. weekend gross
#1 (again): Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 3rd week out, $20.5 M est. weekend gross

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