Friday, December 02, 2005

Sneak (only one) & News & some COOL STUFF!

Dabel Brother’s Productions will be publishing a comic adaptation of Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga. If you like fantasy, you should really LOVE this! Newsarama reports that, “The comic book series starts with the adaptation of the first novel in the series, Magician: Apprentice, by writers Michael Avon Oeming and Bryan J. L. Glass, and artists Brett Booth (p) and Jess Ruffner-Booth (c). For fans of the novels, Magician: Apprentice follows the adventures of Pug, Tomas and Arutha, “as they grow from ambitious young boys into powerful heroes in the world of Midkemia.” The art really looks nice!

The Brits have been doing a new Doctor Who series that’s beaten out Desperate Housewives in the ratings over there. They’ll be selling the 13 episode season one DVD here on February 14th. There is discussion of airing the show on US TV, but the DVD will come out before that happens.

Did you know that there was a RPG based on Warren Ellis’s run on The Authority (Wildstorm). I didn’t. But it’s been out since last year, and is supposed to be quite good. So, if you are or know an Authority fan and/or RPG fan, this might be a nice gift idea!

Forbes has placed Lex Luthor #4 on their list of “Forbes Fictional 15” for the richest fictional characters.

Coming this spring is a new direct to video movie based on Marvel comic characters, “Darktide.” Who stars? Marvel Minimates! Yes, you can get this “collector’s set” of minimates and receive the Darktide movie. Will we see these in a game soon (similar to the Star Wars Lego game)?

I had a customer tell me about this. It’s AWESOME!! Bryan Singer’s video journal on his adventures while directing the Superman Returns movie.


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