Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Marvel Knights News

The "official press release" is due out tonight or tomorrow, but I have the scoop from a Marvel insider.

Marvel will be "redefining" the Marvel Knights imprint. Basically, all ongoing series will revert to the Marvel U imprint...starting with Daredevil 82 the Brubaker start, and Black Panther 14 the first wedding story...then Moon Knight, Squadron Supreme, Wolverine, Spidey and FF...

Marvel is still working out some naming conventions, specifically FF and Spidey, so that will be cleared up in a few weeks.

This leaves Marvel Knights as the "high profile writer and artist imprint" for Limited series that fall out of the realm of the Marvel Universe. Titles like: Loki, Shanna, Ghost Rider...and more from preceeding years as the books that would fall under the Marvel Knights imprint.

Marvel's announcement will talk about 4 upcoming limited series under the imprint by JMS, Kaare Andrews, Garth Ennis and more. We're looking at Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, the Original Western Ghost Rider, Fury, Namor and more.

So, now you know...

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