Friday, January 13, 2006

Suncoast Video is getting rid of manga

Suncoast Video is getting out of the Manga business.

The parent company of Suncoast has declared chapter 11 bankruptcy, and as part of that they are returning all of their manga products to the distributor.  According to the article, manga/anime publisher VIZ stated that they are no longer shipping any products to Suncoast stores.

This is both good and bad for us.  We carry manga—can order anime but don’t carry much in stock because it is too expensive.  So, if there is one less place for people go get their manga, they will come and buy more in my store—I hope.  However, as they said in the article, people will probably buy a lot of this manga from Suncoast on clearance, and some people will then resell it at a deep discount. So, until all of this product is flushed through the system, it might be hard to sell back-stock manga at full price.  Eventually though, I think that the product will move through the market and then people will once again be looking for new volumes, and be willing to pay retail price.  We are one of the few places in Waukesha county that sell manga, so now that we know that one major source of manga and related merchandise is starting to “dry up” we will have to dip our feet in a bit further.

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