Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bad Timing!

Did you ever have one of those days where people have the worst possible timing?

Craig isn’t here today; he’s working hard at his regular job. So, I am here wo-maning the store alone.  This means, if I want food or drink or anything I have to handle it myself. It was fairly quiet in the early afternoon.  I even had a HUGE lull where no one came in at all starting at 2 pm, so at 3:30 pm I figured I’d go a few doors down to the Subway and grab a salad for dinner, since I was starting to get a little hungry. (Craig & I are like old people, we usually eat dinner before 6 pm, often before 5 pm—so we can eat before the “on the way home” crowd comes in.)  

As I unlock the store door, someone comes in behind me.  He looks around a while and leaves.  Then just as he’s heading toward the door, two guys come in and look through the Magic: The Gathering cards.  Then another guy and his mom come in to pick up a few things and look at the single Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  And just as the first group of guys is leaving, another guy comes in to pick up some comics.  

Finally, 40 minutes after I got my salad, the store is empty. I take it out of the bag, take the cover off put the salad dressing on it and start to mix it around.  Then another customer comes in to pick up his comics.  I put the cover back on the salad and set it off to the side.  He talks for about 5 minutes and leaves.  The store is empty, so I go back to my salad, opening it back up and get ready to take a bite.  Just then ANOTHER customer comes in. He looks around for a while, and then picks up a graphic novel and a few comics, leaving after about 10 minutes.  So, now almost an hour has gone by since I picked up that salad.

FINALLY, I eat it quickly and without interruption.  But the salad has now been digesting in my tummy for almost half an hour, and no one has come in during that time.  Somehow, everyone seemed to know when I wanted to eat, and that’s when the all came in, but before I was hungry and after I ate, it has been quiet.  Just one of those days!

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Moonshadow said...

Hey Lisa,
I can so VERY easily empathize with the salad situation. I've spent probably ten years working in covenience stores, so I know exactly where you're coming from. Along the same lines - I can't tell you how many times i've bought a pizza or hot meal only to have it get cold while I'm waiting on scads of customers that appeared like an away team from the Starship Enterprise. I've found out that hot pocket sandwiches can only be reheated so many times before they look like and taste like moon rocks.
A customer will tell me - "Man, that smells good!" sure does, especially since that's about all I generally got to do with my food - is smell it.
You are not alone in your plight...believe me.