Thursday, April 06, 2006

Origins Award Nominees

For those of you gamers out there who want to know about and play the best games, here's the Origins Nominees for 2006 (winners announced at Origins Con in late June).

Nominees for Board Game or Board Game Expansion of the Year
(Board Game College)
Amazonas by Mayfair Games, Inc.
Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean by Z-Man Games and Siren Bridge Publishing
Rheinlander by Face 2 Face Games, Inc.
Shadows Over Camelot by Days of Wonder
Vegas Showdown by Avalon Hill

Nominees for Collectable Card Game or Expansion of the Year
(Collectable Card Game College)
A Game of Thrones: Winter Edition by Fantasy Flight Games
Anachronism by TriKing Games
Magic: The Gathering - Ravnica by Wizards of the Coast
Perplex City by Mind Candy
Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium by Sabertooth Games

Nominees for Traditional Card Game or Expansion of the Year
(Traditional Card Game College)
Gloom by Atlas Games
Oriente by Mayfair Games, Inc.
Paranoia by Mongoose Publishing
Plunder by Laughing Pan Productions
Reiner Knizia's Poison by Playroom Entertainment

Nominees for Role-Playing Game of the Year
(Role-Playing College)
Army of Darkness by Eden Studios
Artesia by Archaia Studios Press
Deryni Adventure Game by Grey Ghost Press Inc.
Serenity by Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.
World of Warcraft by White Wolf Publishing

Nominees for Role-Playing Game Supplement of the Year
(Role-Playing College)
Exalted Autochthonians by White Wolf Publishing
GURPS Infinite Worlds 4th Edition by Steve Jackson Games
Mage by White Wolf Publishing
Midnight 2nd Edition RPG by Fantasy Flight
Shackled City by Paizo Publishing, LLC.

Nominees for Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year
(Miniatures College)
ATZ - All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames
Confrontation 3rd Edition by Rackham
Defiance: Vital Ground by Majestic 12 Games
Rezolution by Aberrant Games
WARMACHINE: Apotheosis by Privateer Press, LLC

Nominees for Miniatures line of the Year
(Miniatures College)
Caldwell Masterworks by Dark Sword Miniatures
Harbinger of Bast by Crocodile Games
Rezolution by Aberrant Games
Visions In Fantasy by Dark Sword Miniatures
WARMACHINE miniatures line by Privateer Press

Nominees for Historical Board Game of the Year
(Historical College)
Assyrians by Udo Grebe Games via GMT
Band of Heroes by Matrix Games
Empire of the Sun by GMT
Four Lost Battles by Operational Studies Group
The First World War by Phalanx Games
Twilight Struggle by GMT

Nominees for Historical Miniature Game or Expansion of the Year
(Historical College)
Avanti Savoia Flames of War Expansion by Battlefront
Bloody Picnic by Partizan Press
Gutshot by Hawgleg
Nuts by Two Hour Wargames
Strandhogg by Odin's Press

Nominees for Historical Miniatures Line of the Year
(Historical College)
10mm WWII Personality Set by GFI, Minifigs
15mm Belgian 1940 Vickers Tank by True North Miniatures
15mm Flames of War: Cossacks by Battlefront
15mm Flames of War: Long Range Desert Group by Battlefront
28mm German Pioneers by Victory Force

Nominees for Nonfiction Publication of the Year
(Game Support Category)
Dragon Magazine by Paizo Publishing, LLC.
Dungeon Magazine Paizo Publishing, LLC.
Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine by Legio X, Inc.
No Quarter Magazine by Privateer Press, Inc.
The Art of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire by Fantasy Flight Games

Nominees for Game Accessory of the Year
(Game Support Category)
GameMastery Campaign Map Pack: Village by Paizo Publishing, LLC.
GameMastery Compleat Encounter: Throne of the Gorilla King by Paizo Publishing, LLC.
Magnetic Markers by Alea Tools, LLC
The 13th Hour - Roleplaying Soundtrack by Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks
Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack by Bailey Records

Vanguard Nominees for Innovative Game Products
(College of Exceptional Gaming)
Axis and Allies [Collectable] Miniatures Game by Avalon Hill
Darter by Future Magic Games
Perplex City by Mind Candy
Polarity by Temple Games, Inc.
XIG: The Four Elements by GT2 Fun and Games Inc.

Vanguard Nominees for Unique Game Products
(College of Exceptional Gaming)
Age of Battles Complete Miniatures and Rules Set by Zvezda
Battleground: Fantasy Warfare by Your Move Games, Inc.
Galladon w/ Immaculate Steed by Magnificent Egos Inc.
Infinite Armies by BTRC
Rocketmen - Axis of Evil by Wiz Kids
World At War by Matrix Games

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