Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Set-up Again

Prepare yourselves, fellow Neptuners. We have rearranged the store in preparation for the remodeling. Now the check-out counter is at the front of the store by the windows. We’ll be right there, in your face, when you walk in. Kinda fun! The manga rack moved from the front to the back, and the graphic novel rack got one section shorter. Otherwise everything else is the same for now. This way we can slowly work you into the new set up before we knock down the walls. I would have posted a photo or two, but our old digital camera finally quit on us, and the new one I ordered hasn't arrived yet.

Speaking of that, we’re not sure yet WHEN it will finally happen. Apparently the city of Waukesha takes a while to approve permits. (If it were up to me I’d just have done the work and if they complained after we’d just say we didn’t know – easier to ask forgiveness than permission, they always say.) But if we have not heard from our contractor by July 5th, we will have to push him to call the city. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that. (I’m just using all the colloquialisms today.) We do know that our nice wooden bookshelves should be finished on or around July 28th. This is really quite an adventure, and kind of a pain getting there, but it really does make more sense not to pay full priced retail rent for the huge back room and office that was essentially just storage. I just hope that once it is done it looks nice and that we can get even more people to shop here.

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