Monday, June 26, 2006

Wizard World Chicago - We've got Tickets

If you are planning to go to Wizard World Chicago, you can get tickets from us. The one-day pass for any day is $25 and a 3-day pass is $50. Children under 10 are free with an adult. By getting your Wizard tickets from us, you can have them in-hand for a MUCH faster enterance at Wizard. Or, if you are an advanced ticket order person, you save yourself the "shipping and handling" fee they charge by getting them here. The only ticket package we can't offer is the VIP package--for that you have to go to and buy them. Then, let the folks at Wizard know that next year you'd like to be able to purchase VIP tickets from a local store too. Maybe if they hear it enough, they'll let us carry them next year.

For those of you that don't know already, we are NOT doing the bus trip this year. We had a bunch of people who usually take the bus say they weren't going to ride with us this year, plus Craig and I are thinkging about going for a couple of days, so we decided not to do the bus. However, we will probably will do the bus again next year, provided there is enough interest.

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