Monday, June 26, 2006

This sounds REALLY GOOD!

Ed Brubaker is going to write a crime comic under Marvel's "Icon" imprint. No date was given in the article, but I'm always glad to see a major publisher back a non-superhero book. And Brubaker is one of comics' great writers.

He says this new comic, called Criminal, will "tread the line between comics like (Warren Ellis') Fell, and (Frank Miller's) Sin City, and TV series like The Sopranos." According to the article, "The cast of Criminal will be a loose knit gang of crooks including a pickpocket, a hit-man, and a crooked cop, which should provide for considerable narrative flexibility. Each issue will feature a main continuing story that gradually illuminates the secret history that binds the series' main characters, plus a self-contained back-up story, and articles by Brubaker and other writers about crime books, movies and comics." Sounds good to me!

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