Friday, July 14, 2006

Late to Paint, Act 2

We return to Neptune Comics, it is now 3:45 pm and Craig has gone to run errands and pick up some dinner for himself and Lisa. Many shoppers have come and gone since we last saw them, the rain has stopped, and it is beginning to get hot and humid outside.

Lisa leaves the register area and begins looking around the store, assuming that John the contractor has somehow accidentaly shrunk down to the size of a mouse. Perhapse that Atom prop replica really worked? Unfortunately, she hears no reply and upon further investigation doesn't see the contractor's truck either.

Lisa (thinking out loud): I guess "first thing" is pretty late. Maybe he's switching to third shift and "first thing" will be closer to 7 pm again.

The phone rings. It is someone asking store hours. Lisa give them the hours and hangs up, a bit irritated that it wasn't the contractor calling to explain where he's been.

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