Friday, July 14, 2006

Late To Paint: Act 3, the painting begins

Once again we see the inside of Neptune Comics. Craig and Lisa have eaten lunch, gotten a few projects done, and are currently talking with a customer. The door opens and in walks John the contractor. We see the clock, it reads 5:45 pm.

John: Sorry I'm getting here so late. I had some other stuff to do.

Lisa: yeah, ok. We were starting to wonder.

Craig and Lisa say goodbye to the customer as he walks out the door. John and a woman we assume is his wife, begin to paint.

Craig: Wow, it's almost 6 pm already. The day really went fast today.

Lisa: See how fast the day goes when you're here all day!

John begins to paint a portion of the wall he hadn't gotten two in the last few days and a new customer walks into Neptune Comics.

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