Friday, July 14, 2006

Late to Paint: Act 4

The clock in Neputne reads 8:20 pm. Craig and Lisa have done all of the closing paperwork and money counting. John the contractor and the woman he brought are cleaning up the back room, he is carying large items out and his wife is sweeping the new floor.

John: We're just about done here, and clearing out all of our stuff so you can have free reign.

Craig: Cool. Looks good.

John: I just have the corners to paint, and hang the door...

Woman: All of the putzy stuff

John: Sorry I was late today, I had to sleep off a liquid lunch.

Woman: You're not supposed to admit that

John: We won't be back tomorrow either, we're going up to the lake for a vacation.

Craig: I don't even know what a vacation is anymore.

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