Friday, July 07, 2006

A Little Bit Further

So, once again today the construction guys didn't seem to stay too long or get as much done as we'd expected - looks like I'm going to have to start lowering my expectations. Here's today's photos. They put some goop that looks like concrete on the floor where the office carpet used to be, so that it will be level with the existing floor. They also put up the framing for the new and much smaller storage/work area. We thought they'd drywall that room today too, but no luck.

He originally said they'd be done by Saturday - which is tomorrow, and I really don't believe he meant THIS Saturday since they've got way too much to do yet. As long as they're done by the last week in July, since that's when all of the fixtures come in, and when Sean McKeever comes in for his signing.

Side note - if anyone knows how to keep anti-fatigue mats from sliding around on carpeting PLEASE share it before I go totally postal on ours!

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