Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today's Construction

...or lack there of, since they didn't do SQUAT today for our store expansion. Well, they did move an electrical outlet and clean up yesterday's debris, but that was pretty much it. We told the head guy we'd be at the store early - around 8:30 am, and he didn't show up until nearly 1 pm. Then, he left only a few hours later, saying that he was having technical difficulties. Although he did promise that he'd get lots done tomorrow and that we'd still be on schedule to have it done by the end of the day Saturday. I'm a bit skeptical on that, but we will see.

Bought a HUGE collection of DC (mainly Batman) stuff from a customer. We will be listing lots of it on eBay, and putting some of it into the store once our expansion is done. If you are looking for any Batman or Batman related merchandise, this will be a good time for you to find stuff and get a good deal on it. From action figures to animated cells to cookie jars to statues and watches, we've bought a ton of cool stuff. Our eBay account name is Southpawent, and we have links to out eBay account all over our home page, so you can see what we've listed so far. If there's a Batman collectable you've been looking for, ask us and we just might have it.

Let me just ad, it pays to be nice. I won't get into details, but sometimes if you are nice to people, it comes back around. Remember that the next time you feel like being mean!

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