Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dang Damages

DC Comic's printer should be fired! There are regularly "hidden" damages in their comics like streaks or lines on a page, sometimes some of the middle pages are not stapled in, sometimes a page or pages has a slice in it, sometimes it seems like they were assembled while the ink was still wet because some of the pages have stuck together, sometimes the printing goes off the page like the paper wasn't alligned right when it went through the press...stuff like that. Well one of DC's biggest releases this week, Justice #7 with the amazing Alex Ross art, was damaged.

That's right, as you can see where I circled in the picture above - or I hope you can - EVERY SINGLE COPY of Justice #7 had this same rip by the staple on the Black Adam page. Some were a bit worse, but all had basically the same thing in the same spot. 55 copies and every single dang one of them was damaged like this. (I think if you click on it you can see it even closer)

We posted on a comic book retail forum we often visit, and we're not the only store with the problem, although there were quite a few that didn't have the problem at all (lucky bastards). Our Diamond rep says they'll next day us replacements, so we SHOULD have better copies tomorrow - provided they don't do something brilliant like send us another 55 damaged copies.

So, we've spent the day telling all of these people who've been dying to read the next amazing issue of Justice that they might want to just pick up a copy next week, or they can take home a damaged one. It sucks! DC should SERIOUSLY consider sitting down with whomever it is that prints their comics and resolve these printing issues.

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