Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Darn Diamond Too

I almost forgot to rant about our missing Previews catalogs. It's either Diamond's fault - they either had a shipping snaffu or the whole box burst open because they use the thinnest possible cardboard and two pieces of tape to hold a box full of 22 copies of Previews together. We didn't get our order. UPS claimed it arrived there, but went out for delivery instead of staying there for us to pick up. The guy did go in the back and look for it for a short time, but then some cranky guy came in demanding to see someone in charge and the guy had to deal with that joker. When our regular UPS deliveries came in, the box of Previews was not among them. So where, oh were, are our September Previews? We miss them so!

Oh, and we were shorted two copies of the Nextwave Agents of Hate hard covers that were replaced with issues of Wolverine comics - not trades mind you, single issue comics. HOW they got those confused I will NEVER figure out, but aparently literacy is not in the job description for working in the Diamond Plattsburgh NY warehouse.

Speaking of idots at the Diamond warehouse - you might remeber back at the end of June I was complaining about damages to all of our copies of Ultimates and how a week later they wanted us to send them all back. Well, included in that RMA were a BUNCH of other damaged books we'd received right around that time. Asside from being short a on a couple issues of Ultimates 2, we sent everything on the list back. Then, last week, which as you might have noticed if you picked up any comics, was a big week for books, so our invoice from Diamond was big. Then, I see at the bottom that we're being re-charged for these damages (they credited us when we reported them). We talked to our Diamond rep, and he said that we were re-charged because the warehouse didn't get them back in the allotted time. First, let me again stress that the window for sending them back was astonishingly small. Second, get this - we were not re-charged for everything we'd sent back, even though we had sent them all back in the same box. So, I had to find all kinds of numbers and create some kind of cohesive proof that we'd sent them all back so that the warehouse could figure out how they'd lost some of the comics and not others, when they were all packaged together. Thankfully this week we got everything credited back! But seriously, what were they trying to pull?

So, do you dislike Diamond as much as I do now? Probably not - but at least you know what we're dealing with.


Scott King said...

Maybe when I take over the world I'll get rid of Diamond.

Anonymous said...

did i get a copy of Nextwave? I may not have told you I wanted one. If so I do.