Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Shelf Maddness!

When last I posted about the new book shelves, we had settled upon only paying for ½ of the installation that we didn’t want to pay in the first place, which was $200.  Then, the guy calls back to tell us he’s going to release the shelf for shipment, but the shipping is more than he thought, so we need to pay an additional $80.  I thought it was total crap, but Craig just agreed because he wanted to be done with the whole nonsense.

Later that day a gal from the shipping area of the company calls to tell us we’ll be on the schedule for Thursday, and that someone from the shipping company will call to schedule a time so we can have someone here to help us get it in.  No one calls, and then at 11:30 am the shelf shows up, so Craig asks the truck driver to help him get it in, since we didn’t get our phone call.  He does help and we get it in.  

Let me go back in time a moment.  The shelves are supposedly designed to all line up so they can be screwed together and then screwed into the wall.  The one that was broken was supposed to fit in a specific spot, and the over-priced installation guy told us we had to leave that spot open so the replacement would fit in correctly.  He then took some measurements and told us that two of the shelves could be screwed down, but we should leave the one that was off by itself loose so that we could screw them all together once our replacement came in.  Again, he measured and said everything would fit – supposedly this installation thing is his JOB that they charge $400 or more for.  Well, our shelf not only doesn’t fit in the space he told us it would fit into, but there are not any holes in it for us to screw it into the other shelves.  Basically, it wouldn’t matter where we put this shelf because it IS NOT made to fit into the other 3.  Craig is going to have to drill holes into it himself.  And that’s after we unscrew the other two from the wall and take all of the books off so we can move them a good 3 inches over to fit this replacement shelf in.  

Thank GOD the shelves are all here and I can see the end in site.  Those idiots at Randal Displays are lucky we already mailed the check or I’d tell them to shove it since they didn’t make the holes in it like they were supposed to, the install guy made our job harder, and the delivery company never called.  We opted to use them because they were the closest place that made these kinds of shelves.  Had I know what a pain they would end up being, I would have paid the higher freight to have them come from further away.  When we open our next store we definitely will look at other fixture makers.

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