Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baltimore Comic Con - what's up with this guy

Let me comment on this picture - this guy was one of several we saw with actual carts full of books brought along to be signed. It's CRAZY! If you've only been to Wizard World you have no idea how different this con is from others. It's almost like a huge artis alley. And then there are greedy bastards like this guy who bring carts full of boxes and then throw stacks of books onto the table of artists and writers for signatures. Hey, if you think you're getting rich off of these--you're NOT. If you really like the artist/writer, don't waste his time with 50 comic books you want him to sign--it's rude and makes you look like a tool.

The best idea I saw were a couple of people who had anthology type books like the DC Encyclopedia, for example, and they just had everyone sign that one book. I thought that would make a nice piece to cherrish - not 5 long boxes full of stuff signed by one creator.


Scott King said...

The guy next to him looks so sad, like he's about to cry or something.

Lisa said...

Actually, the cart belongs to the man on the very right of the picture. You can see he has a briefcase sitting on the boxes. But yeah, that guy on the left does look very disapointed - he's probably sad because of the jerk ahead of him is going to make the lines long with his tons of comics.