Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Maybe we could start Today over?

Well, we're still fully engulfed in the traditional September dulldrums. Generally in comic book retailing September is a down month, especially since it follows right after big summer months and before the big holiday shopping months. So, it's been a slow and borring day here. I ate my dinner at 2 pm just for something to do, and now I'm bored again. On the plus side, I did catch up on a few comics issues I was behind on, and I read Superman Red Son. It is also cold and it looks gloomy and windy out side. Our main game distributor made a HUGE mistake with our Star Wars minis order, and both Craig and I got to fight with people there over it. The tanning salon next door has an employee who's daughter was making all kinds of ruckas today after school - I just wanted to yell SHUT UP! She was wining and crying and screaming and being sassy and arguing with her mom. Then I get an email from a good customer telling me his dad died of a heart attack yesterday unexpectedly, and later I get another email from another good customer saying his dad had an accident and was in the hospital for who knows how long, if he can survive the surgery and not get an infection. Both of these emails made me feel like all of other stuff I just complained about was pretty minor and that life is short. But, maybe for everyone's benefit we should just start today over.

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