Monday, September 18, 2006

Geppi's Entertainment Museum

Steve Geppi, Baltimore MD resident and owner of comic book distributor Diamond, also recently opened an entertainment museum. As irritating as the monopoly Diamond has can be, I have to give Steve Geppi a lot of credit--he does try to do good for the comic book and pop culture community. His brand new museum is one great example. It's located right in downtown Baltimore, right near Camden Yards - a great location. And it's chocked full of great comic book and pop culture collectables. Click here to go to the Geppi Entertainment Museum web site.

They had an open house at the museum for retailers during our Retailer Summit in Baltimore. Jerry Wall from Atomic Comics in Oklahoma took a TON of great photos of the place. Click here to go to his photo site--then you'll want to click the link, located at the top left--the museum is the last on the list. It looks even cooler than Neptune Comics, and that says a LOT!

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