Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Dislike for the Pack

I've decided I don't like the Green Bay Packers anymore.

Sure, they lost today and don't look like they're going to be remotely good this season, but that's not why I don't like them anymore.

My dislike is based in purely selfish reasons. The store has been a ghost town today while the game was on. In fact KMart and this whole strip-mall looks pretty empty. Maybe people should know that it's nice and quiet on Packer Sunday at stores and that's when they should do their shopping - here especially. I'm coming down with a cold, or fighting one of, so I'm already a bit cranky, and these dang Packers keeping people inside their houses doesn't help.


Von Allan said...

Oh, do I hear that. The store really suffers when the Ottawa Senators have a key game. And come playoff time, the evening sales trickle to a stop. Even though the store isn't close to the stadium, we have enough bars and pubs that people plunk themselves down and don't move for ours on end.

Very annoying...

Oh, and I'm glad the bookmarks got there ok! :)

Benson said...

What you guys ought to do is close the store whenever a Packer game is on, THEN go play golf - the fairways are EMPTY when those losers are playing.

Lisa said...

Well, I guess I can find some morbid comfort in knowing that others aren't getting any business during the games either.