Friday, September 29, 2006

Today's Excitement

What happens when paint fumes, old ladies and vehicles combine? DISASTER! A woman just jumped the curb here at the strip mall where the store is and almost literally ran over a young man. She jumped the curb as he was coming out of the Sherwin Williams paint store, and pushed both him and the door back into the store. There's a good 3 feet between the cliff of the curb and an open door, so that just tells you how great her response time was. Craig was outside talking to the George Web guy (they've been SUPER busy today, and Craig wanted to know their secret) and it happened. Craig & the Webs guy went over to see if they could help, but they really couldn't. The Serwin Williams paint store employee had already called 911. Craig said the poor guy was curled up in the fetal position on the floor groaning in pain. When the fire truck and ambulance finally came (photo) they ended up taking the guy out on a gurnie with a head restraint and everything.

I haven't seen the woman yet who caused the problem--I'm wondering if they arrest her or not.

There are too many cops over there now, but later I'll walk over there and check out the damage she did to their door.

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Scott said...

pffff only one Ambulance showed? When we call 911 we normally get 2 Ambulances 3 fire trucks, 2 cop cars, and a lot of EMTs/volenteer fire fighters that hear over the scanner and come. It's like one giant party.