Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What You've Been Waiting For

So, here's this weeks list of the longest delays. Believe it or not, Marvel and Image didn't make the list this week.

Emily the Strange #3 - this one is so late it preceeds my list, which started in early April of this year after the computer erased the one I'd started about 6 months after we opened. The code this comic book tells me I ordered it in November of 2005 - so it's pretty late.

Futurama Comics #27, published by Bongo - the last one came out 7/26/06. Truthfully, this is a pretty good comic book, but it doesn't come out all that often.

DC had the two other late books on the list this week...

Neil Gaimans Neverwhere #9 of 9 - the last issue came out 7/26/06. Guess there wasn't a big rush on Gaiman's end to finish his story.

Winter Men #5 (of 8) - the last issue came out 4/5/06! DC seems to be OK at keeping on time books on time, and letting late books go. 6 months is pretty much too long for me to expect anyone to even care how this story is going to end now.

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