Friday, October 06, 2006

Bad Buyer!

We sell things on eBay, especially now that we bought that big collection of Batman stuff. And of course, the more things you sell and the more people you deal with, the more your chances of dealing with a bad buyer go up.

Today when we got to the store, there was an extremely nasty email from an ebay buyer who purchased a CGC graded comic book from us. It was graded at 6.5, and when he got it he wasn't happy with the condition. Now, we listed the rating and had pictures of the book, so it wasn't like we were trying to hide anything. And had he contacted us with questions we could have described any visable damages even more closely than we did in the listing, but he didn't contact us. His email insinuated that the condition of the book was not what he expected.

CGC is a widely used and highly reputable comic book grading service, so it's not like we made up the grade, and a perfect score is a 10, so obviously this book, at 6.5, wasn't perfect. We never claimed that it was perfect, or that it didn't have damage that it actually had.

Well, in this email this NUT calls me a bitch, and insists that he's going to spend hours on ebay giving us a bad name. Now, almost 600 buyers disagree with the guy, but he insists that we sell crap and lie about it and the world should know. Rather than letting me know he was dispointed in what he bought so we could work something out or have him send it back, he was hostile and threatening. Not to mention, it took him 2 weeks to pay for the book to begin with.

So, if you are ever buying or selling comics on ebay, watch out for: 734ericy

Two can play that game, 734ericy! I can badmouth you too!

If you want to shop at a good ebay store, check ours out. Like I said, we've got very good feedback and lots of cool Batman stuff listed right now.

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