Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some Saturdays

Saturdays are an interesting day here at the store, because it's usually a day when lots of families and/or kids and people who don't buy a lot of comics, and then maybe a few regulars who work long hours during the week and can't make it into the store until Saturday. So, often on Saturday we have a lot of browsers and lookers and people with questions. Which is all fine with me.

Except when this happens...

Kid comes in and is looking through Yu-Gi-Oh single cards for a few minutes. Dad comes in and says, "I'm going over to K-Mart. When you're done here, go around the corner to the hair salon. Mom might not be in front, but she's there." The kid says, "Dad, can I have some change, these cards are 10 cents each." Dad, "No!" Kid, "Where are you going?" Dad, "I'm still going to K-Mart."

I know they're not poor since mom is over at the expensive hair salon and dad's probably picking up something at K-Mart. But the kid doesn't get a quarter to spend at the comic book shop on Yu-Gi-Oh cards while we keep an eye on him so mom and dad can do their own thing??? Craig had to walk out of the store and get a soda he was so irritated!


Scott King said...

Did you kick the kids out of the store after the Dad left?

Lisa said...

Nope, but he tried to sit on the floor and we totally busted him out on it. So he hurried up then and left. But not until after he wiped his noze on his hands and then shuffled the cards around some more, and then coughed all over a handfull of cards. Seriously - those YGO cards are probably INFESTED with germs now!