Thursday, October 12, 2006

Direct to DVD Sci-Fi Style

I think that Direct to DVD (D2DVD) is going to be come a more and more popular method of movie making. Especially with the decrease in theater ticket sales and the increase of Netflix type businesses and downlodable DVD technology on the rise. Plus, it can often be less expensive to buy your movie on DVD than for two people to go see it at a movie theater, you just have to wait a bit longer for it.

According to Warren Ellis Joe Straczynski's staffing up BABYLON 5: THE LOST TALES in Vancouver: a D2DVD anthology show, by all accounts.

Plus, It's reported today that STARGATE SG-1, the venerable sf franchise that got put down by Sci-Fi Channel after ten years, is getting a new lease of life: direct to DVD. MGM are funding two D2DVD SG-1 movies.

That Ellis knows everything! So, if you are fans of either show, you now have something to look forward to.

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